Meet Our Family

The Wells Family

Despite both being born in the city, we couldn’t escape the draw of the prairies or our historical family roots on the farm.

We became interested in bison while researching ways to get involved in agriculture and started attending bison producer conventions. The bison community was extremely welcoming and generally reflected the conservationist/regenerative farming mindset we were seeking. We love the miracle of turning little more than rain and sunshine into the most delicious and healthy protein source available - all while improving the soil and supporting the prairie ecosystem which was created by bison thousands of years ago.

In 2017, while searching for a place to start our operation, some local producers put us in touch with Peter and Judy Haase from Buffalo Horn Ranch. We started by purchasing some of their animals and had the great opportunity to learn from them and grow from tentative city folks to appropriately cautious but confident ranchers with a strong appreciation for the right way to do things. We purchased land early in 2020 and moved our pure plains bison herd from Buffalo Horn Ranch to Little Red Bison Ranch, right next to the Little Red Deer River.

Our family enjoys the opportunity to spend time working together and hope to instill a strong work ethic and appreciation for the environment and sustainable food production in our four free-range children. Aside from helping with ranch chores, the kids enjoy swimming in the river, building forts in the woods and helping out with projects.

In addition to our bison operation we maintain “city” jobs that thankfully no longer require us to work in the city (one positive for covid!). MaryAnne works as a registered nurse and Adam is a director of IT consulting for a large firm.